Wooden wall panels

Wooden wall panels creates contrast in your furnishing

In our home there is the opportunity to create personality and innovation on a whole new level. That’s why we at Woodup want to expand your horizons and create imaginative spaces for great inspiration. Our wood wall panels are not only beautiful – They are easy to implement in your home. WoodUpp has different types of wood to choose from and every single one of them just need to be adhered to your wall. It does not get any easier. In return, the changes are noticeable. Indoor wooden wall panels gives your interior a rustic look and work as contrasts with the white walls that are often used in most homes. See also our great selection of slat walls.

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Wooden wall panels are easy to mount

All of our wooden walls are adhered to the surface of the wall using a mounting adhesive. It’s a quick way to give your home a makeover – and the result is beautiful. WoodUpp sells several different types of wooden walls and we will certainly have a solution that fits your style and décor perfectly. When choosing which indoor wall panels that suits your personal taste, it is a good idea to look at your other furniture and wood types in the home. But it is only the imagination that limits how your final result should unfold.

Add an unique warmth to your home

WoodUpp sells four different wood panels. They are all made of genuine antique oak and are available in brown, natural, smoked and grey. All shades add a nice warmth to your home, and if you choose the dark shades, you have the opportunity to create a more contrasting and dramatic expression in your home. The shades of brown and natural suit most homes and go well with the simple and stylish scandinavian style.This is created on the basis of the unique and impressive properties of wood. It is a material that stands out and speaks for itself in a balanced and charming way. This is precisely what you achieve with our products, where an originality and high quality always shines through. 

Wood wall panels fits all rooms

Our indoor wall coverings can be set up in most places. In the living room behind the sofa, the wooden panels will create a beautiful background, and in the bedroom behind the bed it will create a nice calm when you sleep. Also in an open kitchen, an indoor wall covering will look sharp and create a harmony when cooking or welcoming guests for a drink. It will help lift the whole décor and expression that is a great pleasure for you and your guests. Whatever shade you choose, you can follow our guide when setting up your wall panels. It guides you safely through the project, so you end up with a nice and satisfying result. When mounting your WoodUpp wood panels, remember to throw some WoodUpp adhesive into the basket as well. It is a special mounting adhesive that binds quickly and will make your work easier.

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