Wooden sliding doors

Sliding door in wood

A special and beautiful solution for the door opening. 

Inside the four walls of the home there is room for everything from creativity to well-being. It is a place where the imagination can get free play and you can create something completely unique and personal. We want to contribute to this through our range. WoodUpp’s wooden sliding doors not only add an exciting element to your home, but they also secure a device for the doorway where functionality is leading. The sliding doors are a delight to the eye, and it also has a timeless, aesthetic and sharp effect you can add to your home.

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The sliding door will give you many pleasures as a smart alternative to the traditional door. With a wood sliding door from WoodUpp you get a nice and elegant detail. This element will stand out in your home and speak for itself. Here, something unique and personal is added where every detail is thought through. It creates a unique impression, which will be reflected inside the home. The wood gives a cozy and warm atmosphere to the room, and the sliding door makes it possible to open an entrance all the way up and invite light, sound and air inside at the same time.

It is the details and the unique elements that will have a great effect on your home. That is why we at Woodupp have selected the best materials to ensure you a high quality and a satisfying result every time. At Woodupp, we want to accommodate our customers in our selection of different types of wood. In this way you will be able to find a wooden sliding door that fits your personal style and remaining décor. 

Woodupp customizes wooden sliding doors to your home

Many times, the sliding door can provide an easier and smoother transition from room to room because it is more convenient and less noisy to roll back and forth compared to a normal door. Also, the sliding door does not take up space from the room at any point, as a regular door would do, because it opens in and out.

The sliding doors are made of real wood and are easily mounted in the doorway with brackets at the top. The standard dimensions for a WoodUpp sliding door are 2.15 meters in height, 1 meter in width and 4 centimeters in thickness.

If you want a special solution, just contact us and we will look at what can be done in your home so that you can also enjoy WoodUpp’s unique sliding wooden doors. This applies wherever you want to integrate a sliding door into wood. We will find a solution that you will be happy with. 

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WoodUpp has many years of experience with wood furniture and we are suitable as a sparring partner and supplier if you want to integrate wood elements in your interior. The ooden sliding doors are just another addition to WoodUpp’s large range of high-quality wood furniture.

The sliding doors are a great combination with our wooden wall panels or our wooden acoustic panels, which gives the room a better acoustic as well as a modern nordic look.