Wooden acoustic panels

Drastically improve your sound environment with acoustical panels from WoodUpp

There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation in a room with poor acoustics. You may have experienced it yourself at restaurants, in institutions and at schools. Good sound conditions are super important – especially in the home.

You can dampen the sound in several ways using rugs or pictures in the room in order to cover large blank spaces – but nothing beats the acoustical effects of the akupanel that is Class A (if you install mineral wool behind the panels).

Our acoustical panels are often used in the home where it not only removes reverberation – it also adds a nice Scandinavian look to the room. It’s functional yet decorative.

There are several ways to use the akupanel. You can install it and use it as a sound dampening ceiling or – as most of our customers do – install it on the wall.

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We have purposely sorted the veneer so that it appears with small cracks and creases, because we want a natural and rustic look on our acoustic panels. Alle of our panels are manufactured in Denmark and the dimensions are 2400 x 600 mm. Including the slats and the felt the total thickness is 22 mm. You can mount your acoustic panels just a few tools and with our assembly instructions you are safe company throughout the process.


WoodUpp’s acoustic panels are ideal to use in any room where reverberation is a problem. The acoustic felt that is made from recycled plastic absorbs the soundwaves will not reflect the soundwaves back in to the room. Overall the sound will be diminished to a minimum.

No noise – no stress.

Bad acoustic is stressful. Have you ever had a headache from being exposed to too much noise? Most people have, and living with that for too long is very stressful. Use our acoustical panels to create a healthy sound environment for you, your employees or your family. No noise – no stress.


When you want to improve the sound environment in your home, there are several things you can do. For instance you can use big curtains, rugs and even fotos on large uncovered walls. The more obstacles that can break the sound waves – the better sound in the room. These things will naturally dampen the sound and supplements the acoustical panels very well.

If you want to see the colours and feel the materials before you order, you can order a small sample box that contains up to 4 different versions of the akupanel. In this way you can easily find the panel that are perfect for your office or home.

Wooden acoustic panel will improve the sound level

It can be very frustrating, stressful and annoying if the sound level in a room is not comfortable. It is seen in private homes as well as in business context, where there often are large rooms in a minimalist style. It may also be, that you have experienced it at restaurants, schools or other similar rooms. Bad acoustic can create a cold and resounding effect that creates an echo.

At Woodupp we offer you quality acoustic panels. Our wooden acoustic panels have a documented sound absorbing effect, which makes a big difference in any room. The way it works is simple but yet impressive. When the sound waves hit the felt, they will be refracted. This creates a deadening effect and improves the sound level. Especially relating to rooms with large empty surfaces, our acoustic panels will make a significant difference without taking up unnecessary space.

Minimalist style with functional solutions

The beautiful minimalist style has become prevalent in the Danish homes. It creates a Scandinavian and elegant atmosphere that appeals to many. However, the minimalist décor can also create challenges with the sound level.

In the implement of wooden acoustic panels from Woodupp you will add a beautiful visual element to your home with many functional benefits. Wood is a manageable material that complement the other interior in the house. It gives a raw and rustic expression that will be unique and thoughtful.

Through this modern and stylish balance, you will find that it becomes significantly more comfortable to stay in the rooms without the acoustics nuisance. At the same time, there is a great opportunity to put your own personal touch on the acoustic panels wood through the choice of wood types. Depending on your own preferences and wishes, it will be possible to create the perfect expression in your home or business. Our assortment provides different choices. Therefore, there are good opportunities to create a darker expression, as well as the choice of lighter shades. All in all, you will have the opportunity to get design and nature implemented in your home on a new level.

Acoustic panel wood with sustainable focus

At Woodupp we have a great focus on sustainability and the nature. That’s why we always offer you wood from sustainable forestry suppliers. This implies that there won’t be felled more trees than the nature can reproduce. Furthermore, it protects plant and animal life and ensure the conditions for the forest workers.

Our acoustic panels are made with a specially developed acoustic felt, which in the same way as our wood is created with a sustainable focus. Every year, tons of plastic are thrown in the nature, which is harmful and have big consequences. That’s why our felt is made from recycled plastic. In this way, we help transform a waste product into beautiful interior.

Our acoustic panels are easy to assemble on your own and considerable time will be saved. Please contact us if you have any questions or questions.

Our acoustic panels are the exact same product as our wooden slat wall.